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GHS Implementation & What It Means For Your Business

23 Jun

The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals – GHS – is a system that was adopted by OSHA to facilitate the standardization of chemical identification; focused on aligning safety hazard communications within the workplace. While these GHS implementation tactics will be mainly targeting chemical manufacturers and distributors, it is still important for all […]

Texas Driving Laws: New Cell Phone and Inspection Policies

5 May

The state of Texas has been hesitant to adopt a state-wide texting and driving law, but two major Texas cities have stepped forward to make their streets safer. Thirteen states prohibit all drivers from using cellphones, and 37 states (including Texas) have bans on phone use by teen drivers. According to the Texas Department of […]

Looking for a New York Online Defensive Driving Course?

3 Apr

Motorists take defensive driving courses for a variety of reasons – including court requirements, insurance discounts, traffic point reduction, and as a refresher for good driving skills. And there are many different courses available for motorists to take. However, some of these are easier, more convenient and affordable than others. If you need to take […]

Taking Texas Adult Drivers Ed Online: What You Need to Know

19 Mar

Drivers ed class sounds like something meant for teenagers, right? Well, teenagers might be the most common drivers ed students these days, but there are many non-traditional students looking to get behind the wheel as well. Texas Driving School offers an Adult Driver Education course that’s designed with adults from a wide range of backgrounds […]

Railroad Crossings in New York: Sharing the Road with Trains

18 Mar

Collisions between cars and commuter trains are almost always deadly and make for some truly devastating news. One such accident took place recently in Valhalla, New York, when a Metro-North commuter train collided with a SUV that was driven by a 49-year-old mother of three, Ellen Brody. Facts of the Accident It was after dark, […]

Defensive Driving in Texas: How to Avoid Accidents

11 Mar

Although some auto accidents may simply be out of your control, others can be avoided by taking a few common sense safety precautions. Accidents are most frequently associated with long holiday weekends and inclement weather, but there really are no limitations as to when or where they can occur. As you set out on the […]

Driving in Fog: Safety Tips from NYSC

21 Feb

New York City has an average of 131 days of fog each year, so knowing how to drive in foggy conditions is essential to being a New York driver. However, many drivers drive too fast, forget to flip their headlights on, and don’t take extra precautions on foggy days. To ensure that 2015 is a […]

Texas Adventures: Camping in Luxury

31 Jan

Although many people don’t think of Texas as a top winter getaway destination, its mild temperatures and diverse outdoor offerings make it a perfect pick for adventure and luxury. The forests, hills, and plains offer a perfect backdrop for winter glamping, i.e. glamorous camping! To beat the winter blues and treat your friends and family […]

Optimizing Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Start/Stop Technology

28 Jan

Not only do vehicles consume fuel while in motion, but also while sitting completely still! Your car wastes energy and fuel while sitting at red lights, stuck in traffic, waiting to pick up passengers, and warming up in cold weather months. The average American spends about 15 minutes per day idling a vehicle. And a […]

Staying Abreast of Vehicle Safety Recalls

23 Jan

Vehicle safety recalls often have a huge impact on the lives of drivers, and perhaps no more so than in the case of Texas’ Candice Anderson. Here is the story of how an auto recall turned her life upside down. Candice Anderson’s Accident Back in November 2014, Candice Anderson was driving a Saturn Ion, manufactured […]