Archive | January, 2015

Texas Adventures: Camping in Luxury

31 Jan

Although many people don’t think of Texas as a top winter getaway destination, its mild temperatures and diverse outdoor offerings make it a perfect pick for adventure and luxury. The forests, hills, and plains offer a perfect backdrop for winter glamping, i.e. glamorous camping! To beat the winter blues and treat your friends and family […]

Optimizing Vehicle Fuel Efficiency: Start/Stop Technology

28 Jan

Not only do vehicles consume fuel while in motion, but also while sitting completely still! Your car wastes energy and fuel while sitting at red lights, stuck in traffic, waiting to pick up passengers, and warming up in cold weather months. The average American spends about 15 minutes per day idling a vehicle. And a […]

Staying Abreast of Vehicle Safety Recalls

23 Jan

Vehicle safety recalls often have a huge impact on the lives of drivers, and perhaps no more so than in the case of Texas’ Candice Anderson. Here is the story of how an auto recall turned her life upside down. Candice Anderson’s Accident Back in November 2014, Candice Anderson was driving a Saturn Ion, manufactured […]

The Best New York Winter Getaways

19 Jan

At this point during a New York winter, it’s hard to deny the enticing dream of a weekend getaway. Fortunately for New Yorkers, there are lots of amazing and affordable destinations that are easily reached by car and that won’t break the budget. So make sure that your vehicle is equipped for winter weather and […]

Undocumented and Driving: A Debate of Citizenship and Privileges

11 Jan

It’s been all over the news lately – undocumented immigrants are signing up to take their driving tests and many states are starting to issue licenses without proof of citizenship. Illegal immigration is a hot-button issue in the United States, so it’s no surprise that it has become connected to the privilege of driving. It […]

Common Car Hacks & How to Keep Your Vehicle Safe

9 Jan

In today’s digital age, lots of Americans worry about hackers finding their way into bank accounts, computer files, and personal information. But with automobiles becoming more technologically advanced each year, keeping a car safe may soon require more than just securing a Club across the steering wheel. There are few things scarier than the idea […]

Could Self-Driving Cars Make the Disabled More Independent?

5 Jan

With a few specific modifications, such as mechanical and electronic hand controls and spinner knobs, adults with many physical disabilities can hop into the driver’s seat. Other helpful modifications commonly used in disabled vehicles include pedal extensions, brake pedal guards, and high-tech electronic controls. However, modern self-driving car technology seems even more promising to make […]

New York Parking Ticket Violations: Costs and How to Avoid

2 Jan

Parking tickets are pretty much a way of life in New York City. They keep drivers on their toes and generate lots of revenue for the city. Read on to learn more about what a parking ticket will cost you in New York, when to dispute, and how to avoid them altogether. The Cost of […]