Looking for a New York Online Defensive Driving Course?

NYSC Blog 3-24Motorists take defensive driving courses for a variety of reasons – including court requirements, insurance discounts, traffic point reduction, and as a refresher for good driving skills. And there are many different courses available for motorists to take. However, some of these are easier, more convenient and affordable than others.

If you need to take a defensive driving course in New York, here’s how the New York Safety Council can help you to take points off your license and save insurance money in the meantime.

Approved by the New York State DMV

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind as you select a defensive driving or accident prevention course is that the course is approved by the state Department of Motor Vehicles and will satisfy the requirement you need.

New York Safety Council’s online defensive driving course is approved by the New York DMV and part of its Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program. Unlike some general driving courses you may come across, ours is specific to New Yorkers and focuses on New York state traffic laws – it helps drivers to develop safe driving techniques as well as avoid and prevent accidents.

No Classroom Required

Life is busy enough without one more thing to drive to and sit through – not to mention paying for gas and parking. Our course is 100% online so you don’t have to sit through traffic or waste time riding public transportation just to fulfill the course requirements. We won’t make you sit through boring classroom lectures or make awkward small talk with your classmates. There’s also no final exam, which is a huge relief for many drivers who choose our course.

Reduce Up to 4 Points on Your Driving Record

One of the most common reasons that motorists choose to take our defensive driving course is to reduce points on their driving records. With our course, you can reduce up to four points on your driving record – just for completing the course! Point reduction applies to points assessed for violations occurring in the last 18 months. We start processing your certificate right after you finish the course!

Mandatory 10% Insurance Reduction for 3 Years

After taking our course, you will receive a mandatory car insurance discount for three years – and what driver isn’t looking to lower their costs? This is a reduction of the base rate of liability, no-fault and collision premiums associated with your automobile insurance for a three-year time period. You can actually take the course once every three years to keep your insurance reduction benefits.

Available 24/7 around Your Schedule

One of the best things about our course is that you can complete it when it’s most convenient for you. And in case you experience any difficulties while completing the program, we have 24/7 customer support available that’s based right here in the U.S. If Spanish is your first language, you can choose to take our course in Spanish for the same benefits as the English course. You can register for either version online today, hassle free, for just $24.95!


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