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Texas Headlight Laws: Are You Breaking the Law?

23 Nov

Although there are many similarities among headlight laws from state to state, one might say that the devil is in the details. Depending on where you live, the law may require you to have your headlights on during sunrise or sunset hours, during inclement weather conditions, or when visibility is limited to a certain degree. […]

Best Fall Road Trips in Texas

21 Nov

Fall is the perfect time for a road trip in Texas. From East Texas, through rolling Hill Country, and all over the state, the green leaves of summer are turning vibrant shades of red, yellow, and orange. Whether you have a day, a weekend, or even longer, this is the time to get out into […]

Thanksgiving Driving Tips: Traveling Safe in 2014

20 Nov

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, family, food and, for many of us, lots and lots of driving. Over 40 million drivers take to the roads every Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with the loved ones that make the holiday worth celebrating. Although this is a warm and loving time of year, it’s also one […]

The Six Most Dangerous Holidays to be on the Road

19 Nov

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to brush up on the types of dangerous roadway conditions and safety precautions that are especially important around the holidays. Tens of millions of Americans hit the road each year to celebrate the holidays – often traveling long distances, under stress, and in hazardous weather. […]

Prepare a Thanksgiving Meal with These Food Safety Tips

18 Nov

  Thanksgiving is right around the corner and if you’re traveling, make sure you read our holiday driving safety tips. If you’re cooking, be sure to continue reading. Now close your eyes and think of the abundance of food that you will come into contact with: juicy turkey meat, creamy green bean casserole, fluffy mashed […]

Renewing Your Texas Driver License: Learn the Basics Now, Save Headaches Later

17 Nov

For many Texans, renewing a driver license is on par with paying taxes and standing in a never-ending line at the post office. However, if you understand the basics of license renewal in advance, it seems like less of a hassle when you receive that inevitable notice in the mail. Broken down step by step, […]

Headlight Laws in New York State: What You Might Not Know

16 Nov

  Many modern cars have automatic headlights that flip on as soon as the ignition is turned. Even if your vehicle’s headlights are in auto mode, it’s important to understand headlight laws in case you need to drive a family member’s car or rent a car. These are some essential things to know about the […]

The History of Speed Limits in America: A Nation Speeding Up

13 Nov

Whether you appreciate them or hate them, speed limits are an important part of American history. Here’s a brief history about speed limits and how they’ve evolved across the country over time. Early Speed Limit Laws Connecticut was the first state to pass a speed limit law back in 1901.This law limited the legal speed […]

Renewing Your New York Driver License: a Pain-Free Guide to the Renewal Process

9 Nov

Renewing your driver license can feel like a pain, but it’s a lot easier to handle if you understand the basics of the renewal process ahead of time. If you don’t renew your license before it expires and you continue to drive, you could face fines and penalties. These are the things you should keep […]