Archive | February, 2015

Who Invented the Car Radio? Meet Paul Galvin.

28 Feb

For many drivers, flipping on the radio is nearly as instinctive as powering up the engine or adjusting the in-car air temperature. But car radios weren’t always so widely embraced. In the early days of the car radio, some safety-minded legislators wanted to ban car radios for being too distracting and dangerous for drivers. But […]

What Will Driverless Car Technology Mean for Car Ownership?

26 Feb

For the past century, owning a car has been a big part of the American Dream, along with owning a home and starting a family. But personal priorities have a way of shifting as times change, and technological advances factor into these evolving values. More than any other roadway technology, driverless cars have the potential […]

Driving in Fog: Safety Tips from NYSC

21 Feb

New York City has an average of 131 days of fog each year, so knowing how to drive in foggy conditions is essential to being a New York driver. However, many drivers drive too fast, forget to flip their headlights on, and don’t take extra precautions on foggy days. To ensure that 2015 is a […]

Texas Road Trip Destinations within Easy Driving Reach

20 Feb

Most of us associate road trips with summertime, which can feel so far away in the middle of February. But as long as the weather doesn’t create hazardous road conditions, there’s really no bad time for some good ole’ fashioned sightseeing by car. Even if you can’t manage to get time off of work or […]

No Parking vs No Standing vs No Stopping Signs

16 Feb

Driver’s education class is little more than a distant memory for many New Yorkers, which is a scary thought when you really think about it! But memory lapses and absentmindedness often results in traffic tickets and high fines on the streets of New York. Many people confuse signs that read “no parking” with ones that […]

Disabled Driving: What to Know as a Driver or Family Member

11 Feb

Adults with disabilities are faced with many challenges throughout life, but fortunately, driving doesn’t have to be one of them. With just a few special modifications and some training, many disabled adults can safely and easily get behind the wheel and drive cars on roads and highways. Whether you’re a new driver, an experienced driver, […]

Tax Breaks for Hybrid and Eco-Friendly Cars

8 Feb

Environmentally friendly vehicles do more than just save you money at the gas station; they can also earn you some valuable financial incentives throughout the year. Although traditional vehicles are still in the majority today, hybrids and electric cars are becoming more accessible and affordable. The initial price tag of an eco-friendly car may come […]

All About Smart Cars: Where They’ve Been and are Headed

1 Feb

Smart Cars are often thought of as eco-friendly, convenient and downright cute! But how much do you really know about the history of the Smart Car and its technology? The City Coupe Smart Car is just over 8 feet long, less than 5 feet wide, and about 5 feet tall. Whether you’re in the market […]