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Cover Your Cough

15 Nov

Cover coughs and sneezes during flu season

…even when you’re not sick! Did you know that most people cover their mouths incorrectly when they cough or sneeze? The best way to cover your mouth is not with your hand but with a tissue that you throw away. This way any germs are disposed of. If you cough into your hand, then use […]

Hand Washing to Keep You Healthy

14 Nov

Hand washing tips for flu season

Part four of our flu prevention week discusses proper hand washing. It is one of the most important defenses against the influenza virus, as well as the cold and other illnesses. Are You Washing Your Hands Properly? Most people do not wash their hands long enough any time of the year, let alone during flu […]

Myths About Hand Sanitizer

13 Nov

Hand Sanitizer Myths and Tips

When flu gets under way, many people turn to hand sanitizer to keeps the germs away. While hand sanitizer has its place, is it really doing everything we think it’s doing? Here are some common myths about hand sanitizers and some tips that will help make your hand sanitizing habits more effective. (Click on the […]

How Does the Flu Vaccine Work?

12 Nov

Information about the Flu Vaccine

As part of our week-long Flu Prevention series, we discuss what the flu vaccine is and how it works. There are very few people for whom a flu vaccine is not an option, so get one before you get sick! Flu Vaccinations The flu vaccine works by causing your body to develop antibodies that protect […]

Flu Facts You Need to Know

11 Nov

In order to promote a healthy and safe holiday season, the American Safety Council presents: Flu Prevention Week! Part one of our series is an article on flu facts that will help keep you and your loved ones from getting sick. Flu Facts What we call “the flu” is actually the influenza virus which is […]