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What to Know about Speed Cameras in New York School Zones

29 Oct

Most New York drivers understand why they should slow down in school zones – to keep kids safe. However, many drivers are unaware or misinformed about speed cameras that have been installed in school zones around the state.  Here’s what you need to know about speed cameras in New York school zones. Where Speed Cameras […]

Confessions of a Restaurant Server

27 Oct

Being a server

So you want to be a restaurant server? Get ready to hear from waiters who are already on the front line. As a server, it is not just about smiling at customers, taking orders, and bringing food to the table. There are safety standards that everyone who works in the industry should follow. The American […]

How to Avoid Distracted Driving

19 Oct

Distracted driving has become just as serious as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Although distracted driving is most commonly associated with texting and cell phone calls, it can involve anything from eating, applying makeup, or being emotionally distraught behind the wheel. Taking your eyes away from the road for just five seconds while […]

Top Braided Hairstyles of 2014

13 Oct

creative braid

Braids have become a big deal for 2014. The trick to most of these looks is not to go for clean and polished. It’s better to make it a little messy. If you go on Pinterest, there are tons of boards strictly for braided hairstyles. On Youtube, videos are uploaded every day with instructions on how […]

Why Texas Parents Make the Best Driving Teachers

9 Oct

Parents teach their children how to walk, talk, eat, and journey into adulthood. So it should come as no surprise that parents make the best teachers of driver education as well! The Texas Department of Public Safety allows drivers education to be completed outside the classroom as long as part of the course is part […]

Easy Ways to Save Money on New York Car Insurance

6 Oct

Save On NY Car Insurance

Saving On Your NY Car Insurance Finding a good price on car insurance can be a headache for New Yorkers, and many people end up paying more than they really need to. Winter is just around the corner, which means an increase in auto accidents and weather-related car trouble. Here are some easy ways to […]