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Texas’ New Driving Laws

28 Oct

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New Driving Laws in Texas Texas recently passed more strict driving laws for both teens and those with DWI’s in the hopes to keep its roads safer. Some are asking how to adjust to these new laws, but we have a simple answer for you: defensive driving. The best way to avoid a pricey ticket […]

China’s Traffic Jam

21 Oct

China’s Traffic Jam China’s ‘Golden Week’, a week-long practically nationwide vacation celebrating Chinese National Day, is a traffic disaster waiting to happen. With an estimated 750 million Chinese, roughly half of China’s population, going on vacation, massive traffic jams seem inevitable. But it’s doubtful anyone expected the rumored 10-hour delay on China’s 50 lane G4 Beijing-Hong […]

New York City Launches Drive Smart

14 Oct

What is the Drive Smart Demonstration Pilot Protect (DOT)  On August 2015, New York City launched a new protect commonly called “Drive Smart” or DOT and plans to continue it through August 2016. Designed to gather data and learn the daily driving habits of 400 volunteer New York City residents, the program places a small car […]