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How Should You Insure Your Teenage Driver?

25 Aug

Insuring Your Teenage Driver It will not be cheap to insure your teenage driver, unfortunately. However, according to, the cost for your teenager will be significantly less if he or she is added onto your plan rather than getting his or her own. On average, adding your teenage to your policy will raise your rate […]

Should Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) Be Mandatory?

19 Aug

What is AEB? Autonomous emergency braking, or AEB, is a new braking system that supposedly reduces the number of and risk of slow-speed collisions. The system uses a combination of lasers, cameras, radar, and sensors to detect possible collisions at three levels: low speed system, higher speed system, and pedestrians. Not all AEB systems come […]

What Drivers Need To Know About The 2015 Takata Airbag Recall

15 Aug

April 2016 Update Takata Airbags claim their 10th victim Seventeen year old Huma Hanif lost her life on March 31st, 2016 in a minor collision in Texas. The driver had been wearing her seatbelt when she rear-ended a Honda CR-V, but shrapnel released from her car’s defective airbag sliced open her carotid artery, creating yet […]