Why Texas Parents Make the Best Driving Teachers

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Parents teach their children how to walk, talk, eat, and journey into adulthood. So it should come as no surprise that parents make the best teachers of driver education as well! The Texas Department of Public Safety allows drivers education to be completed outside the classroom as long as part of the course is part of an approved program. This is a unique opportunity for parents and teenagers to connect about important topics like safety, responsibility, and working together.

DPS Parent-Taught Driver Education Packet

The Parent Taught Driver Education Packet is provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety and includes everything you need to get started on a program, obtain a learner’s permit, and eventually, get your provisional license. To receive your packet, complete the form at the above link and send it along with a $20 check or money order to the Texas Department of Public Safety. Once you receive your DPS packet, you can get started with the course.

Keep in mind that the packet can take up to three weeks to arrive from the DPS. If you want to get started a little faster, you can choose to have the packet e-mailed to the parent-instructor’s e-mail address provided on the form. Just mark that box on the form and include a valid e-mail address to receive your packet via e-mail.

Online Course Details

You can register for the course online and complete the course online at your own pace. The Texas Driving School course is approved by the Texas Department of Public Safety and available for students between 14 and 17 years old.

Teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17 are allowed to apply for a driver permit after they complete the first unit of the course. Just bring forms DL-90A, DL-91A, and DL-91B (all included in the DPS packet) to any local Texas Department of Public Safety office. A list of Texas DPS locations can be found on the Texas Driving School website.

Things to Keep in Mind

Only a teenager’s parent, stepparent, grandparent, stepgrandparent, foster parent, or legal guardian can teach a driver course. To be eligible to teach the course, parents must also held a valid driver license for at least three years, have less than six points on his/her driving record, and not have had a license revoked or suspended in the last three years. Individuals who have been convicted or received a probated sentence for DUI, DWI, or criminally negligent homicide are not eligible to teach the course.

Texas parents make the best driving teachers because no one cares more about their student’s safety than they do. To learn more about Parent-Taught Driver Education Online Courses, head over to TexasDrivingSchool.com and hop on a live chat if you have a few questions.


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