The Spirits of the Season – New Year’s Eve Celebration Safety

From data collected between 2005-2009, according to, New Years is the worst day for drunk driving accidents, with these stats including people who drive home after New York countdown ends. July 4thcame in second while St. Patrick’s Day was third. The day was also the most hazardous day for pedestrians, averaging 22 deaths per year.

It is not uncommon for celebrations to include alcoholic beverages. As such, occasions such as Christmas and New Years have high instances of drunken driving offenses. This underlines the importance of finding a responsible way to get home, from a friend, spouse, or taxi cab, if you are going to be drinking.
In the spirit of the season, the American Auto Association (AAA) has set up a program called Tow to Go, created in 1998, designed to bring those who call the program back to their homes, free of charge and in a completely confidential manner. This program, generous though it may be, should only be used as a last resort.
Tow to Go functions in many areas across the USA, including the states of Florida and Georgia, West and Middle Tennessee, and more. The Tow to Go program can give a confidential ride within a 10-mile radius to a safe location. The program brings both you and your vehicle home safely. It is free, not only to members, but to non-members as well! The service runs during all of the busy holidays, such as the Fourth of July, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and more!
AAA provides this service in order to prevent drunk driving accidents and possible injuries. Important Tow to Go rules are as follows:
  • Tow trucks can take up to 2 people home; if you have more people, you must find an alternative method.
  • You cannot make an appointment with the Tow to Go service, it must be used as a last resort only.
  • If a person is too intoxicated to transport via tow truck, the Tow to Go program can notify the authorities in order to arrange for you to have safe transportation home.
So to all who think they might be able to make it home from their celebrating during New Years or any other holiday, remember that lives are in your hands! Please think twice and have a designated driver, or call Tow to Go.

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