What Is Your Driving Personality?

11 Nov

Do You Know Your Driving Personality? Many of us are aware of the supposed four basic personality styles (Analytical, Driver, Amiable, Expressive), and some of us know about Briggs Myer’s 16 personality types. You may have even taken a personality test in school to figure out what category you “belong” too (if you didn’t and you […]

Texas’ New Driving Laws

28 Oct

texas driving, driving laws

New Driving Laws in Texas Texas recently passed more strict driving laws for both teens and those with DWI’s in the hopes to keep its roads safer. Some are asking how to adjust to these new laws, but we have a simple answer for you: defensive driving. The best way to avoid a pricey ticket […]

China’s Traffic Jam

21 Oct

China’s Traffic Jam China’s ‘Golden Week’, a week-long practically nationwide vacation celebrating Chinese National Day, is a traffic disaster waiting to happen. With an estimated 750 million Chinese, roughly half of China’s population, going on vacation, massive traffic jams seem inevitable. But it’s doubtful anyone expected the rumored 10-hour delay on China’s 50 lane G4 Beijing-Hong […]

New York City Launches Drive Smart

14 Oct

What is the Drive Smart Demonstration Pilot Protect (DOT)  On August 2015, New York City launched a new protect commonly called “Drive Smart” or DOT and plans to continue it through August 2016. Designed to gather data and learn the daily driving habits of 400 volunteer New York City residents, the program places a small car […]

Volkswagen Emissions Scandal Summary

30 Sep

volkswagen scandal

History of Volkswagen Scandal Last December, Volkswagen said that up to 482,000 of its vehicles in America may have been emitting more NOx (nitrogen oxide) than emissions tests reported. Last week, Volkswagen confessed that it might have gotten the number wrong. Now an estimated 11 million Volkswagen vehicles emit 40% more nitrous oxide than the Environmental Protection […]

Safety Tips For Sharing The Road: Cyclists And Drivers

23 Sep

Healthy has become trendy and now bicycles are hitting the roads as people make a more economic commute. With this influx, a new element has been adding to driving safely, and both cyclists and drivers must work together to keep the road safe. On average, 19,000 cyclists are injured and 100 die while on the […]

Is Uber Affecting New York Traffic?

16 Sep

If you’ve been around New York City or spoken with someone who works there, then you’ve probably heard of Uber, the app based for hire vehicle (FHV) company  that has been causing a storm of controversy. Many people, including New York’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio, accuses Uber of slowing traffic by up to 12%, though […]

Self-Driving Trucks Could Enter Florida Highways in 2015

9 Sep

By now most people have heard of self-driving vehicles, but it’s generally believed that such technology is a handful of years away from practical implementation. Royal Truck & Equipment, a construction company that operates in Florida but is based in Pennsylvania, thinks otherwise. Royal believes it could have self-driving trucks working on Florida’s highways at […]

6 Apps That Help Prevent Texting While Driving

2 Sep

You keep hearing it, you may even see it, and now almost everyone in American with a smartphone knows that texting while driving is dangerous. But that doesn’t stop most of us from doing it, especially teenage drivers. In fact, an average of 9 Americans a day die in a crash caused by distracted driving, […]

How Should You Insure Your Teenage Driver?

25 Aug

Insuring Your Teenage Driver It will not be cheap to insure your teenage driver, unfortunately. However, according to InsuranceQuotes.com, the cost for your teenager will be significantly less if he or she is added onto your plan rather than getting his or her own. On average, adding your teenage to your policy will raise your rate […]