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Drunk Driving Avoidance Tips For New Years

28 Dec

drunk driving

Because of drunk driving, every half an hour someone dies in a car crash. In recent years, an average of 13,000 people have died in drunk driving related car crashes annually. The Fourth of July tends to have the highest number of traffic fatalities, but New Year’s Eve sees the highest increase in drunk driving […]

What Is Ergonomics And How Can You Improve Yours?

18 Nov

If you sit at a desk all day, you understand just how much stress it can put on your body. That’s why the word “ergonomics” gets tossed around when discussing an office workspace. But, what is ergonomics? According to, it technically means “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment”. However, the word […]

China’s Traffic Jam

21 Oct

China’s Traffic Jam China’s ‘Golden Week’, a week-long practically nationwide vacation celebrating Chinese National Day, is a traffic disaster waiting to happen. With an estimated 750 million Chinese, roughly half of China’s population, going on vacation, massive traffic jams seem inevitable. But it’s doubtful anyone expected the rumored 10-hour delay on China’s 50 lane G4 Beijing-Hong […]

Safety Tips For Sharing The Road: Cyclists And Drivers

23 Sep

Healthy has become trendy and now bicycles are hitting the roads as people make a more economic commute. With this influx, a new element has been adding to driving safely, and both cyclists and drivers must work together to keep the road safe. On average, 19,000 cyclists are injured and 100 die while on the […]

Self-Driving Trucks Could Enter Florida Highways in 2015

9 Sep

By now most people have heard of self-driving vehicles, but it’s generally believed that such technology is a handful of years away from practical implementation. Royal Truck & Equipment, a construction company that operates in Florida but is based in Pennsylvania, thinks otherwise. Royal believes it could have self-driving trucks working on Florida’s highways at […]

6 Apps That Help Prevent Texting While Driving

2 Sep

You keep hearing it, you may even see it, and now almost everyone in American with a smartphone knows that texting while driving is dangerous. But that doesn’t stop most of us from doing it, especially teenage drivers. In fact, an average of 9 Americans a day die in a crash caused by distracted driving, […]

Driving Safety Tips for Senior Drivers

9 Apr

Are you a senior driver or do you have one in your family that you’ve been concerned about? Senior drivers (drivers over the age of 65) often have lots of experience on the road and can offer a wealth of advice to younger drivers about how they’ve handled difficult driving situations. However, our motor skills […]

Railroad Crossings in New York: Sharing the Road with Trains

18 Mar

Collisions between cars and commuter trains are almost always deadly and make for some truly devastating news. One such accident took place recently in Valhalla, New York, when a Metro-North commuter train collided with a SUV that was driven by a 49-year-old mother of three, Ellen Brody. Facts of the Accident It was after dark, […]

Defensive Driving in Texas: How to Avoid Accidents

11 Mar

Although some auto accidents may simply be out of your control, others can be avoided by taking a few common sense safety precautions. Accidents are most frequently associated with long holiday weekends and inclement weather, but there really are no limitations as to when or where they can occur. As you set out on the […]

Driving in Fog: Safety Tips from NYSC

21 Feb

New York City has an average of 131 days of fog each year, so knowing how to drive in foggy conditions is essential to being a New York driver. However, many drivers drive too fast, forget to flip their headlights on, and don’t take extra precautions on foggy days. To ensure that 2015 is a […]