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Florida Traffic Ticket Quotas – New “Waldo Bill”

24 Apr

Florida’s new “Waldo Bill” (SB 264) was passed unanimously with no debate in the Florida Senate on Wednesday April 8, 2015. The bill, which still needs to pass the House and be approved by the governor before it becomes law, seeks to end traffic ticket quotas in the state for good. (UPDATE: The bill was approved […]

Florida’s Operation Green Light Program

17 Apr

What Is Operation Green Light? Operation Green Light is an initiative to assist citizens who may be facing steep penalties for unpaid traffic tickets and criminal fees that have been send to collection agencies. Once an unpaid fine goes to a collection agency, the collection fee can add as much as 40% onto ticket fines. […]

Texas Road Trip Destinations within Easy Driving Reach

20 Feb

Most of us associate road trips with summertime, which can feel so far away in the middle of February. But as long as the weather doesn’t create hazardous road conditions, there’s really no bad time for some good ole’ fashioned sightseeing by car. Even if you can’t manage to get time off of work or […]

New Florida Booster Seat Law – January 1, 2015

29 Dec

  New Booster Seat Law Begins January 1 Beginning January 1, 2015, children ages 4 and 5 will be required to sit in a child safety seat or a booster seat rather than being buckled in with just a seat belt. Previously, Florida was one of only two states in the country without laws requiring […]

What NOT to Do at a Stop Sign

21 Aug


Recently, multiple teen fatalities have been caused by drivers running stop signs through major highways. Rumors in some communities suggest that running the signs may be intentional and drivers may be participating in a dare or challenge encouraged by peers. Regardless of the reason, hundreds of thousands of car accidents occur each year when drivers run […]

Drowsy Driving Dangers & Statistics

12 Jun

In the wake of a terrible car accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan critically injured, investigators learned that the driver responsible for the crash (WalMart truck driver Kevin Roper) had not slept in the entire 24 hours prior to the crash. This brings to light a problem that can be as dangerous as drunk driving […]

Emergency & Disaster Pet Safety Preparedness

29 May

This week is both Hurricane Preparedness Week and National Pet Month – what better combination than preparing pet owners to be prepared in the case of an emergency? Pets can become distressed, run away or get lost in the shuffle of stressful disaster situations; having a plan for your furry family members can help avoid […]

2014 Florida Hurricane Supply Tax Holiday

29 May

While the 2014 Atlantic Storm Predictions are not panic-inducing, that does not mean residents of hurricane-prone zones shouldn’t take the necessary precautions to prepare for the possibility of a direct hit. In Florida, the Florida Division of Emergency Management uses National Hurricane Preparedness Week to urge all Floridians to develop their hurricane plan and stock […]

Pet Safety Series – Heat & Summer Pet Safety

22 May

Summer Pet Safety Tips Infographic

As the weather warms up across the country, our furry friends spend more time outdoors and can be especially at risk for heat related issues and illnesses. Take special car of pets during the summer months with these summer pet safety tips! Summer Pet Facts Did you know that … … pets can get sunburned […]

Memorial Day Safety

15 May

Memorial Day Safety Tips Infographic

Memorial Day – The official unofficial kickoff weekend for “pretty much almost might as well be summer”! If you are planning to travel, barbecue or spend a weekend in the sun, here are a few simple tips that will help you keep safe this Memorial Day. Grilling & Fire Safety Grills and smokers, while creating […]