2014 Florida Hurricane Supply Tax Holiday

While the 2014 Atlantic Storm Predictions are not panic-inducing, that does not mean residents of hurricane-prone zones shouldn’t take the necessary precautions to prepare for the possibility of a direct hit. In Florida, the Florida Division of Emergency Management uses National Hurricane Preparedness Week to urge all Floridians to develop their hurricane plan and stock up on all important supplies. The State of Florida has also developed a Tax Holiday to encourage residents to be ready for storm season.

This year’s hurricane supply tax holiday starts on Saturday, May 31, 2014 and runs through Sunday, June 8, 2014.

During the tax holiday, no sales tax will be collected on the following items purchased in Florida:

  • Portable generators ($750 or less)
  • Portable self-powered, two-way or weather band radios ($50 or less)
  • Tarpaulin or flexible waterproof sheeting ($50 or less)
  • Ground anchor systems or tie-down kits ($50 or less)
  • First aid kits ($30 or less)
  • Batteries, including AA-cell, C-cell, D-cell, 6-volt or 9-volt ($30 or less)
  • Nonelectric coolers ($30 or less)
  • Gas or diesel fuel tanks ($25 or less)
  • Flashlights ($20 or less)
  • Reusable ice ($10 or less)

For more information on the tax holiday or on current weather conditions, bookmark the Florida Division of Emergency Management website at FloridaDisaster.org.

For a full list of steps to take to get ready for the upcoming hurricane season, visit StateOfFlorida.com’s Hurricane Preparedness Guide.


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