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Tesla Turns To China As Gas Prices Drop

28 Jan

tesla car

Gas prices are dropping and motorists everywhere celebrate as a trip to a gas station doesn’t break the bank. What’s good news for drivers is bad news for automotive companies that market hybrid or electric cars, like Tesla.  Tesla’s co-founder, Elon Musk, said lowering oil prices will “definitely makes the transition to sustainable energy more difficult.” […]

The Future of Texting While Driving In Florida

21 Jan

florida driving

    Florida’s state capitol is considering a new legislation that would make texting while driving in Florida a primary instead of a secondary offense. According to 10news, the original legislation that made texting while driving a secondary offence took four years to pass, and it is unclear how long it will take to see […]

Will Florida Pass An Open Carry Gun Law?

7 Jan

open carry gun laws

During this day and age, most United States citizens have an opinion about whether a citizen has the right to bear arms. Recently, Texas became the 45th state to pass an open carry gun law, which allows citizens with a concealed weapon permit to wear their weapon openly. Now Florida faces an open carry bill (SB […]