Top 7 Summer Driving Tips

Image: electricnerve via FlickrIf you haven’t made any summer plans yet, what are you waiting for? There are so many places to go and things to do. Why not take advantage of the weather and do something fun? When preparing for your vacation (whether you are planning a long road trip or simply a daily commute to the beach), keep in mind the heat and the time of year. Follow these essential summer driving tips and you may come home with your sanity still intact.

Travel earlier or later in the day

During the summer, the hottest part of the day will be between the hours of 10am and 5pm. Try to schedule your travel time before or after those hours. It will keep you cool and will reduce the stress you get from the heat.

Drive the speed limit

Police officers will be everywhere. They will be making sure that the roads are safe and the dangers of driving will be reduced. Drive the posted speed limit to keep yourself safe and prevent you from getting a traffic ticket.

Prepare for road congestion

With many people going on vacation, there will be more cars on the road and it will lead to heavy congestion. Scan for impatient drivers who show signs of road rage, out-of-towners who are not familiar with the roads, and cars that have stopped on the sidelines.

Watch out for teen drivers

Once school has ended for the summer, teen drivers will be looking for things to do and that may mean going on joyrides. There will be plenty of distractions and their lack of driving experience may inhibit sound judgment when focus is needed the most. Keep a lookout and stay away if you see someone texting or not paying attention to the road.

Inspect your tires

Heat causes air in your tires to expand. If there is too much pressure, your tires can blow out. Prevent this from happening by checking the tread and pressure.

Check your car’s fluid levels

Regular vehicle maintenance is essential to safe driving year-round. Fill up your gas tank so that you are not left stranded. Make sure your engine oil has been changed every three months. Put in washer fluid so that if your windshield gets dirty, you can clean it while you are driving. Top off your engine coolant so that your car does not overheat.

Keep your car from overheating

One of the biggest frustrations of driving in the summer is when your car gets overheated. This is when your car is low on engine coolant, the electric fan stops working, you have a bad radiator or a clogged one, or the fan belt is broken. Have all of these checked out before you hit the road.

What are some of your summer driving tips? If we didn’t list yours, make sure to let us know by commenting below.

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