Spring Break Nighttime Safety

Staying safe at night on spring breakLast week we discussed staying safe in the sun, this week we discuss staying safe at night.

After a day of fun in the sun, spring breakers like to hit up the town. Going out at night is part of spring break, but there are important safety tips to keep in mind as well. Follow these night time tips to make sure you and all your friends make it back safely.

Before Going Out

  • Set check in times with your friends and all agree to meet at a certain time and place when leaving.
  • Create hand gestures or code words with your friends that will indicate when you are uncomfortable and may need a friend’s help to exit a situation.
  • Ask the hotel concierge for the number of a reputable cab company so you know you will have a safe way back.
  • If drinking before going out, try not to drink too much so you remember the route back to the hotel.
  • Put away valuables in the room just in case anyone you don’t know well is invited over for a pre or post-going out drink.
  • Do a group check to make sure everyone has: a charged phone, ID, cash, and a credit/debit card. This way you can call each other if you get separated and no one will be stranded.

While Out on the Town

  • Never accept a drink from a stranger and never leave your drink unattended. These are the primary ways drinks are tampered with.
  • Drink bottled or prepackaged drinks when possible.
  • Always get your drink directly from the bartender.
  • Do not drink too much. This will make you confused and vulnerable.
  • Never go somewhere alone with someone you just met. If someone is insisting on getting you away from the group, use any excuse you can to get away from that person.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and make an effort to avoid anyone acting suspiciously or aggressively.

Get Back Safely

  • Do not go back to the hotel, or anywhere for that matter, alone.
  • Take a well-lit, populated route back to your hotel. Or better yet, call the taxi company recommended to you by the hotel concierge.
  • Avoid inviting strangers back to your hotel. If you want to continue spending time with someone you just met, do so with others in your group in a common area such as the lobby.
  • Remember to lock all doors to your hotel room.

It’s easy to let your guard down while on vacation, especially if you are somewhere that everyone else seems to be on vacation, too. If you keep your guard up and take a few safety precautions, you and your friends can have a great and safe time.

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