Move Over, Slow Down, Save A Life!


Let the traveling begin! Summer is a great time to take a vacation and give yourself a break from the mundane things in your life. The weather is beautiful, people are having fun, and heck…even your dog wants to go for a joy ride! Many people will be on the road this time of year, including tourists and law enforcement, so we must all use extra precaution.  That is why the Florida Highway Patrol and law enforcement agencies in the state have declared June as “Move Over – Slow Down – Save a Life” month. The designation is also in memory of Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Chelsea Richard, who tragically lost her life while assisting with a roadside breakdown alongside a Florida interstate.

Move Over – Slow Down – Save a Life

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, over 150 US law enforcement officers since 1999 have lost their lives by being struck by a vehicle in the line of duty. That is a lot of casualties considering that the situation can be prevented in the first place. In order to spread more awareness, law enforcement officers are educating the public about Florida’s Move Over law so that the people who are on duty to serve us do not get hurt in the process. This law does not just protect officers, but emergency responders, tow truck drivers, road rangers and anyone else who has needed to stop along the roadways.

Move Over Law

The Move Over Law is recognized by all of the states in the US and is enforced in 49 states. This law has mandated drivers to do the following in the presence of a vehicle stopped alongside the road:

  • On a multi-lane roadway, safely move over to the next lane if you are driving in the lane closest to the stopped vehicle. If it is not possible to move over, speed should be slowed down by 20 mph of the posted speed limit.
  • Speed should be slowed down by 20 mph of the posted speed limit on a two-lane roadway.
  • Speed should be slowed down to 5 mph if the posted speed limit is 20 mph or less on a two-lane roadway.

Violating the Law

If you do not follow the Move Over Law, there are consequences that can happen. One may be that you put yourself and a public safety professional in danger. A collision into another vehicle or person can cause serious injury or even death to you, them, or both parties involved. Another may be getting a ticket that includes a fine and points on your license.

Make this a safe summer and drive carefully on the roads to protect yourself and others around you.


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