Cover Your Cough

…even when you’re not sick!

Did you know that most people cover their mouths incorrectly when they cough or sneeze? The best way to cover your mouth is not with your hand but with a tissue that you throw away. This way any germs are disposed of. If you cough into your hand, then use that hand to open a door, everyone who touches that doorknob after you is exposed to your germs.

If no tissue is available, the preferable way to cover a cough or sneeze is by using your elbow or upper forearm. Again, you are less likely to infect other people this way as you won’t be spreading your germs via your hands. Your elbow and forearm do not touch common surfaces as much as your hands.

You can be carrying the flu virus for up to 24 hours before any symptoms develop, so even if you do not think you’re sick it’s especially important to cover your mouth during flu season. This infographic helps you remember to COVER your coughs and sneezes.

 Cover coughs and sneezes during flu season

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