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Are New York’s Yellow Lights Too Short?

6 Dec

Lots of drivers complain that yellow traffic lights are too short, but did you know that the length of yellow lights varies by city and state? And if the timing of a yellow light isn’t set correctly, the likelihood of an accident increases as well. Drivers in some cities feel that their cities have reduced […]

How Much Does Speeding Cost You in New York

2 Dec

New Yorkers are almost always in a hurry – whether it’s around the house, on the sidewalk, or on the highway. But as many drivers have learned over the years, being in a rush often results in an increased risk of cost and delay. Speed limits may seem like an inconvenience on days you’re running […]

Headlight Laws in New York State: What You Might Not Know

16 Nov

  Many modern cars have automatic headlights that flip on as soon as the ignition is turned. Even if your vehicle’s headlights are in auto mode, it’s important to understand headlight laws in case you need to drive a family member’s car or rent a car. These are some essential things to know about the […]

Renewing Your New York Driver License: a Pain-Free Guide to the Renewal Process

9 Nov

Renewing your driver license can feel like a pain, but it’s a lot easier to handle if you understand the basics of the renewal process ahead of time. If you don’t renew your license before it expires and you continue to drive, you could face fines and penalties. These are the things you should keep […]

What to Know about Speed Cameras in New York School Zones

29 Oct

Most New York drivers understand why they should slow down in school zones – to keep kids safe. However, many drivers are unaware or misinformed about speed cameras that have been installed in school zones around the state.  Here’s what you need to know about speed cameras in New York school zones. Where Speed Cameras […]

Easy Ways to Save Money on New York Car Insurance

6 Oct

Save On NY Car Insurance

Saving On Your NY Car Insurance Finding a good price on car insurance can be a headache for New Yorkers, and many people end up paying more than they really need to. Winter is just around the corner, which means an increase in auto accidents and weather-related car trouble. Here are some easy ways to […]

Enhanced Driver’s Licenses – What They Are and Where to Get Them

9 Sep

Four states are already issuing what is known as Enhanced Driver’s Licenses (EDLs). These licenses contain radio frequency identification (RFID) chips, and those who hold these special licenses are entered into a data base maintained by the Department of Homeland Security. As of now, four states on the Canadian border, Michigan, New York, Vermont, and […]