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A 6-month-old And a 3-year-old Die Inside of Hot Cars In Texas

23 Jun

child in a hot car

The temperature inside of a car should not be underestimated. Leaving a child or a small animal in a locked car during the summer can be fatal. Such was the case in two recent incidents in Texas where a 6-month-old girl and a 3-year-old boy both died after being stuck in hot cars. Hot car […]

The Zika Virus In Florida, Texas, and California

4 Feb

zika mosquito

What is the Zika Virus and what does it do? The Zika virus is a disease transmitted through mosquitos, especially the “yellow fever mosquito”, which has transmitted other diseases like dengue and chikungunya in the past. This week, a Texas Citizen recently contracted the disease without traveling outside of the USA–the first to do so. […]

Tips for Holiday Driving

21 Dec

holiday driving

We are entering the holiday season, which means you need to be even more vigilant when driving. People tend to travel long miles in order to visit family and friends over the holidays. Unfortunately, holiday driving around this time of the year is particularly dangerous, since we have intoxicated drivers, drivers unfamiliar with the area, […]

Texas Winter Driving Dangers

14 Dec

texas winter driving dangers

While it may not seem like it, Texas does have severe winter weather driving conditions. As driving in the winter is dangerous and often unpredictable, it’s important to know what driving challenges you might face in the winter. The following are some winter driving dangers and tips that will help make your drive as safe as […]

What First Time Texas Drivers Need To Know

1 Dec

teen driver texas

A milestone in any American’s life, getting a permit and driver’s license is an exciting if daunting endeavor. With 2,000-3,000 teenage drivers dying in a car accident per year, car crashes are the number one killer for teenagers. Therefore each state requires different steps to create safe and well-prepared drivers. These steps can seem daunting and intimidating […]