Car Fire Safety Tips

18 Jul

car fire safety

Ever see those scenes in movies where there are explosions and fires from a car? It can get pretty real if you don’t take the cautionary steps to prevent it from happening. Two of the most common vehicle fires come from a mechanical or electrical failure and here is what you should look out for. […]

Top 7 Summer Driving Tips

7 Jul

If you haven’t made any summer plans yet, what are you waiting for? There are so many places to go and things to do. Why not take advantage of the weather and do something fun? When preparing for your vacation (whether you are planning a long road trip or simply a daily commute to the […]

Drowsy Driving Dangers & Statistics

12 Jun

In the wake of a terrible car accident that left comedian Tracy Morgan critically injured, investigators learned that the driver responsible for the crash (WalMart truck driver Kevin Roper) had not slept in the entire 24 hours prior to the crash. This brings to light a problem that can be as dangerous as drunk driving […]

Move Over, Slow Down, Save A Life!

10 Jun

  Let the traveling begin! Summer is a great time to take a vacation and give yourself a break from the mundane things in your life. The weather is beautiful, people are having fun, and heck…even your dog wants to go for a joy ride! Many people will be on the road this time of […]

Emergency & Disaster Pet Safety Preparedness

29 May

This week is both Hurricane Preparedness Week and National Pet Month – what better combination than preparing pet owners to be prepared in the case of an emergency? Pets can become distressed, run away or get lost in the shuffle of stressful disaster situations; having a plan for your furry family members can help avoid […]