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Ralph Teetor and the History of Cruise Control

10 Dec

Cruise control is a wonderful invention that helps us avoid speeding tickets and gives our feet a break on long drives. Although almost all drivers have used cruise control at some point, very few drivers know much about the feature’s origins or about the man who invented it. Ralph Teetor invented the cruise control device […]

Are New York’s Yellow Lights Too Short?

6 Dec

Lots of drivers complain that yellow traffic lights are too short, but did you know that the length of yellow lights varies by city and state? And if the timing of a yellow light isn’t set correctly, the likelihood of an accident increases as well. Drivers in some cities feel that their cities have reduced […]

How Much Does Speeding Cost You in New York

2 Dec

New Yorkers are almost always in a hurry – whether it’s around the house, on the sidewalk, or on the highway. But as many drivers have learned over the years, being in a rush often results in an increased risk of cost and delay. Speed limits may seem like an inconvenience on days you’re running […]