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The Zika Virus In Florida, Texas, and California

4 Feb

zika mosquito

What is the Zika Virus and what does it do? The Zika virus is a disease transmitted through mosquitos, especially the “yellow fever mosquito”, which has transmitted other diseases like dengue and chikungunya in the past. This week, a Texas Citizen recently contracted the disease without traveling outside of the USA–the first to do so. […]

Tesla Turns To China As Gas Prices Drop

28 Jan

tesla car

Gas prices are dropping and motorists everywhere celebrate as a trip to a gas station doesn’t break the bank. What’s good news for drivers is bad news for automotive companies that market hybrid or electric cars, like Tesla.  Tesla’s co-founder, Elon Musk, said lowering oil prices will “definitely makes the transition to sustainable energy more difficult.” […]

The Future of Texting While Driving In Florida

21 Jan

florida driving

    Florida’s state capitol is considering a new legislation that would make texting while driving in Florida a primary instead of a secondary offense. According to 10news, the original legislation that made texting while driving a secondary offence took four years to pass, and it is unclear how long it will take to see […]

Will Florida Pass An Open Carry Gun Law?

7 Jan

open carry gun laws

During this day and age, most United States citizens have an opinion about whether a citizen has the right to bear arms. Recently, Texas became the 45th state to pass an open carry gun law, which allows citizens with a concealed weapon permit to wear their weapon openly. Now Florida faces an open carry bill (SB […]

Drunk Driving Avoidance Tips For New Years

28 Dec

drunk driving

Because of drunk driving, every half an hour someone dies in a car crash. In recent years, an average of 13,000 people have died in drunk driving related car crashes annually. The Fourth of July tends to have the highest number of traffic fatalities, but New Year’s Eve sees the highest increase in drunk driving […]

Tips for Holiday Driving

21 Dec

holiday driving

We are entering the holiday season, which means you need to be even more vigilant when driving. People tend to travel long miles in order to visit family and friends over the holidays. Unfortunately, holiday driving around this time of the year is particularly dangerous, since we have intoxicated drivers, drivers unfamiliar with the area, […]

Texas Winter Driving Dangers

14 Dec

texas winter driving dangers

While it may not seem like it, Texas does have severe winter weather driving conditions. As driving in the winter is dangerous and often unpredictable, it’s important to know what driving challenges you might face in the winter. The following are some winter driving dangers and tips that will help make your drive as safe as […]

It’s Not Just Cell Phones – Types of Driving Distractions

7 Dec

distracted driving

What is distracted driving? There are three major kinds of driving distractions: visual, physical, and cognitive. What makes texting and driving so dangerous is that it involves all three, since you must look at your phone (visual), process the message and think of your reply (cognitive), and, finally, type your reply (physical). Though texting is involved […]

Thanksgiving 2015 Driving & Travel Safety

19 Nov

thanksgiving driving

    We always see an increase in traffic around the holidays, but Thanksgiving remains one of the deadliest days for drivers. The bad news is that the American Automobile Association predicts the 2015 Thanksgiving holiday season will see an increase in the number of cars on the road from last year. In fact, the […]

What Is Ergonomics And How Can You Improve Yours?

18 Nov

If you sit at a desk all day, you understand just how much stress it can put on your body. That’s why the word “ergonomics” gets tossed around when discussing an office workspace. But, what is ergonomics? According to, it technically means “the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment”. However, the word […]